merry moments & lazy moments

DSC_0900 DSC_0901 DSC_0910

What a Christmas!  A bit of a whirlwind and a lack of photo documentation to boot!  The boys were spoiled, loved and gifted more than they could have ever imagined.  We over indulged in good food and cookies and have created an artic base camp in the boys bedroom.  Rory has been vrooming his new fire truck and excavator around the kitchen and has actually been occupied enough to not go and destroy the previously mentioned base camp.  The older boys declared this Christmas, “Lego Christmas” due to the amount of lego sets they received, all of which were promptly put together on Christmas day.  We even had present opening breaks to facilitate the Lego building- they just couldn’t wait (or eat for that matter).

And now the recovery portion of the holiday- full of fevers, movie days and sore throats.  And one adult has thrown out his back- just to make this interesting!  (My couch buddy- the fevered, sore throated one…)


Lazy moments is a bit of an understatement of how we have trucking through the last few days- and honestly, how we have been making it through the last few months.  Amazon was this Mama’s best friend to prepare for the season.  It turns out that being in your first trimester of pregnancy, raising a few boys and also schooling makes things hard, really hard.  But now, once we get through this virus of course, we are going to take the new year by storm.  We are going to get our energy back and get healthy and get back to our old selves!

And lest I forget a few other lazy moments- a morning spent in a stick fort will result in a few days of near blindness and pain.  Sticks = 1, Bennett =0  Luckily his cornea recovered in time for our Lego Christmas.

DSC_0888 DSC_0892

AND… drum roll please… our first eggs!  What a surprise, what a treat!  We were all a bit excited!



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