{this moment} SIX

Our first week back (I promise vacation photos soon!) to reality: co-op, school, a birthday and new classes.  Mama, for one, is wiped and ready for a weekend recharge (after a birthday party, of course).

Our Benny turned six this week.  Apparently when you turn six, you are incredibly happy and skippy for your entire birthday.  Then, you start wondering why more people haven’t sent you money in cards… Oh Bennett- gratitude and happiness with what we have is a tough one for you- we dealt with this on your last birthday too.  Luckily Mama and Dada got you a new game that you really enjoy (even if you didn’t get stacks of money and piles of Lego sets).

This year has been a big one and I can’t wait to see what six brings.  We started a new tradition of taking the birthday boy out for dinner with just Mama and Dada (Bennett thought this was very cool) and we talked about all the things that we had done while he was five and all the things that he could look forward to while being six.  We are starting piano lessons and we are trying out new classes (usually fails, but we are trying).

Bennett, you are stubborn, smart and so wonderful.  You do not like change AT ALL.  You enjoy school, but do not like NOT understanding something.  I can usually talk you through it and you figure it out and then you are all smiles, but the initial thought that something is too hard can be very hard for you to overcome (hence the failing at trying new classes).

Your laugh is wonderful- you throw your head back and laughter takes over your whole body.  I love watching you so happy.  Your crying also has the same vigor and we have had to have discussions about what is appropriate reactions to situations (i.e., sand in your eye should not warrant the same reaction as if your had lost a finger, etc.).  You are an emotional guy- which makes you amazing and baffling at the same time.

You love being outside- riding your bike or creating a mess with Henry are some of your favorite things.  You love games- card games especially right now.  You love to read, to color and to eat pancakes.  For your birthday dinner you requested hamburgers with mashed potatoes plus a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a strawberry smiley face that you decorated.  For a kid that has a hard time making decisions- the cake was an easy one.  It was delicious.

Bennett- you have grown up so much over these past few years and it makes me sad and happy at the same time.  I remember your second birthday and you told me that “I be two” all day long.   You are now six and are thriving in ways that I couldn’t imagine.  This year we figured out your dairy intolerance and that has made a world of difference for you- you no longer are in pain and that makes me happy.  You are thriving in school and you are one major reason why we decided to homeschool- you would not fair well in a traditional school setting- but it has been a blast watching you blow through math problems like they are nothing and starting to read.   I have said it before, but you are blowing me away with what you do on a daily basis.  You are keeping me on my toes and we have had to reach for some first grade curriculum to keep up with you.  So cool.

You love hanging out with your friends, especially if they come to our house.  You get overwhelmed when we are at other peoples houses that you are not familiar with.  You usually warm up by the time we are going home- but even this is a far cry from where we started (which was usually a lot of crying).  You are your own person- you do things on your own time- this has taught me more then you could ever know.  However, I am still confused by your love of swimming, your swimming skills (which were very impressive in Hawaii- hello side breathing!) and then your hatred for swim lessons.  We cry, we protest and Mama talks and talks and tries her hardest to remind you that you love the water.  When you do get in- you can not stop smiling.  This is by far my most frustrating aspect of parenting you- I just do not understand.  Once your body hits water you are so happy- it is just the getting in that really shuts down your body and brain.  One of these days you are just going to jump right in and I am going to fall over, until then it is exhausting.

Benny- we love you so much.  You bring so much joy to our lives.  You make us more patient, you make us more emotional and you make us more grounded.  You are so happy being at home with your family (especially if we let you watch a show…).

Happy Birthday Benny-Boo!

DSC_0131 DSC_0136 DSC_0141


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