{this moment}


What a LONG week!  We have been grumpy, sensitive, tired and now sick (which makes the before mentioned things make sense!).   Two boys are out with low fevers, sniffles and coughs while the rest of us are just tired.  Thank goodness for the weekend and NEWSIES!

We started out this week so great- Dada finished our dining room shelves and they are incredible.  Everything that I pictured and more.  He did such a great job- everyone in the house loves them.  I find myself just staring at them- I love them so.  Thanks Honey!

DSC_0455 DSC_0457 IMG_2310

By Thursday we were all pretty low and needed a pick me up.  Bennett has been asking for cinnamon rolls for weeks (I really don’t know where the request came from, I have never made them at home) so Thursday was the day.  The boys were very patient while we waited for the dough to rise and the oven to preheat and the buns to bake.  Boy were they good- thanks Bennett.



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