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You turned three last week.   When asked how old you were on your birthday you either answered, “I don’t know” or showed three fingers.  “I don’t know” is pretty much your go to answer for everything, or “No” we really should have put that on your birthday crown.

You are the most stubborn, free spirited and opinionated three year old we have lived with.  You exhaust us every single day.  You make us laugh every day.  We really don’t remember what it was like before you came along, probably quieter, you have a lot to say.  No, really, a LOT to say, about everything.  If you don’t have something to say about what is happening around you, you just make up a story and tell that to us.  Lately you have been asking us if we want to hear a joke and they go something like this- “Where does a chair go to the bathroom?”  You could give an answer, but usually it be something like “in a spoon” or something else ridiculous.  Oh how your jokes make you laugh, oh my.

You want to do everything yourself, on your own terms and only if it is your idea.  We have already how quite a few stand offs over picking up toys, getting diaper changes and getting into the car.  Weew, I am exhausted just remembering them…  You hate diaper changes but are not interested in the whole potty thing.  You want to help in the most unhelpful way possible (this is a toddler thing, but I swear you take it to the next level).  You want to do things the second they come into your head.  You want juice, right now, no, you do not want to wait for Mama to walk to the fridge and get said juice you just want it to magically appear in your cup.  You ask if you can do something, but then you do it anyway, no matter my answer.  This is very annoying.

However many times a day you give me and your Dada and your grandparents a run for our money- you always somehow win us over.  You can be sweet, snuggly and so gosh darn cute.  You love to read books and point out everything and talk through most of the story.  You love to do puzzles and play games.  You love to eat chocolate.  Everyday when we head up to the bonus room to start school work you have to grab a “chick- thingy” for yourself and your brothers as a snack.  (A chick-thingy is a baby food packet that you and your brothers love- pureed up beets, bananas and other things… so weird you guys like them, but oh well).  You always request “Newsies” as our music entertainment in the car.  You can sing along with most pop songs, this scares me, and amuses me at the same time.  Oh you do have older brothers.

You play with your brothers like you are just one of the guys.  You do break their Legos and towers and pretty much annoy them- but you never see yourself as a little guy.  Every morning you help Dada feed Flanders and the chicks.  You also count and hand out vitamins to your brothers.  You DO NOT like it when someone else gives out the vitamins- it is your job!  You fight naps daily, but then you snuggle up with me and fall asleep- so all is forgiven.  You have even fallen asleep curled up around my belly while in the rocking chair- this hasn’t happen in months MONTHS! but somehow you seem to know when we both needed it.

Rory, you are such a goof and we love you so much.  Happy third birthday bud!



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