{this moment}

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h: you are building a shelter with six friends at wilderness school to sleep in next month.  You are so excited.  When did you get old enough to sleep outside without your parents in a shelter made of sticks and ferns?  You are also old enough to have figured out about Santa.  Apparently you did a test last year and you came to the conclusion that Mama and Dada are behind the whole thing- you are pretty darn proud of yourself for figuring it out (I, on the other hand, am mourning the idea of believing).

b: you hate Thursdays.  Henry is gone and no  matter the amount of cocoa or play dough I make it doesn’t make up for his absence.  I think the day flies by- hopefully I will win you over before the school year ends.  You got the final piece to your Halloween costume this week and you are pretty darn happy about it.  You also finally lost that second tooth that was hanging on for dear life.

r: you have ANOTHER cold!  My goodness child!.  We have had a few good days in a row with you- we are rational, not hitting (as much) and pleasant to be around.  If someone is around to constantly read books to you or do a puzzle- you are happy.  You are so fun right now- please keep this up.

t:  drooling much kid?  Seriously, none stop.  Some part of your hand or my hand is in your mouth when you are awake.  You have had a few days this week where you just want to sleep and eat.  Your cheeks do seem a bit more chunkaliscous.


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