{this moment}

Our week started with Halloween prep, a quick hike, candy hauling and then candy bar graphs the next day.  We finished off the week with Grandma’s birthday and Mama heading back to her Fridays at work.

img_2757 img_2760 img_2762 img_2764 img_2766 img_2768 img_2771 img_2780 img_2781 img_2783 img_2786 img_2791 img_2794

Henry- You are becoming such a young man.  I am so very proud of you and who you are becoming.  You roll with the punches and do what is asked of you- thank you.  Being outdoors is your favorite and we try to accommodate that as much as possible.  You are a procrastinator and this drives me nuts- but you are un-phased, everything gets done, eventually…

Bennett- We started up piano lessons again this week.  You we so excited (once you got over the whole new teacher thing).  You beat yourself up during every piano practice.  I am trying to teach you it is okay to not do everything perfectly- you are so hard on yourself.  We will keep trying.   Your drawings are such a highlight of my day- they are so impressive and you give them so much detail.  I love it!

Rory- You rocked Halloween even when your one eyed monster costume resembled a wet dog by the end.  You were out so far past your bedtime your Dada and I wondered if we were feeling alright.  We are still detoxing from candy- slowly but surely we will get there (I hope you forgive me someday for purging most of the candy and sending it to Dada’s work).   You are into reading so much now that I can barely get up to change your brother’s diaper or go to the bathroom- if only I could sit and read to you all day…

Thacker- You started grabbing for things this week more consistently.  I mistakenly let you suck on my water glass one day and now anytime I have one you dive bomb out of my arms to grab it.  Your tongue has been discovered and you enjoy showing it to us as well as blowing raspberries.  Bennett likes to play peek-a-boo with you and you give him hardy laughs every time.  You survived your first day without Mama this week and only gave Grandma and Bapa a little run for it 🙂



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