{this moment}

How has it been two weeks?  We have been busy- had visitors (Thanks Mamie and Bapa, we miss you already), slept outside, decorated gingerbread houses  and celebrated a birthday (Happy Birthday to our favorite DADA!).  And baseball- we sure do love baseball when Mamie and Bapa are in town.

img_2804 img_2805 img_2806 img_2809 img_2810 img_2811 img_2813 img_2814 img_2815 img_2817 img_2818 img_2823 img_2825 img_2829 img_2830 img_2832

henry- last week you slept out in your shelter you made at Wilderness School.  We got to come to a potluck and variety show and I, for one, had a great time.  I am so happy that you are a part of something that is so wonderful.  After watching student after student “perform” in front of his/her peers and parents I was just blown away by the fact that these kids knew they were in a comfortable place to do something uncomfortable.  Amazing.  You came home filthy and tired but very happy.  You are growing up dude, I couldn’t be prouder.

bennett- you hate Thursdays when your brother goes to Wilderness school.  I am trying to make it up to you.  This week we played checkers and made cards for Dada’s birthday.   Your reading has really taken off over the past few weeks.  Your goal of reading the first Magic Treehouse book to yourself in bed is going to be here before we know it!

rory-  oh rory.  We had a tough go of it yesterday.  It was nice to separate today and come home to find you reading a book and being so cute.  You didn’t want to go to soccer yesterday because you said it hurts your legs and it isn’t fun.  I don’t know, maybe I should have pushed it, but I didn’t.  We will see what happens next time, you told me you weren’t going again.

thacker- sweet boy, you sure do go with the flow.  You are close to rolling over but could use some more practice time on the floor (unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t safe or clean, depending on where we are).  You finally FINALLY decided that bottles were okay and drank about 17 ounces of milk today.  Oh my.  It makes this Mama happy to know that you are getting your fill while I am gone.


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