{this moment} six months

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!  We are ready for the festivities to begin!  Presents have been wrapped, treats made, groceries purchased- now we just need to get Dada home from work.

We spent this week pretty low key.  We baked cookies, the boys played hide and seek and eagle eye every day (all 3 boys!), we braved downtown and went to see the Harry Potter gingerbread houses, we made snowflakes and colored Christmas posters (thank you Target)- but I still haven’t read my favorite Christmas books to the boys.  Hopefully that will get done before the 26th…

Our baby boy turns six months old today.  Oh my- what a fast half of a year.  All of a sudden he can sit up (I mean, not for long, but he can do it, and pull himself up after he has fallen forward).  What happened to my newborn?  What a butterball this guy is- perhaps it is his all he can eat buffet that he frequents every night?  He is still the happiest of babies- except when he gets head butted by a brother or you take him out of the bath and want to get him dressed (he really ,really hates that).  He giggles all the time, with the brothers getting the majority of the laughter… go figure.  He is happiest being carried around, which leaves Mama pretty worn out everyday and with not much done (besides holding and kissing the baby, repeatedly, all day, so many kisses).  I find myself frustrated at some point everyday with what I cannot seem to get done with all of these yahoos- but, then, everyday I am reminded how fast a season of life I am in right now.  Before I know it Mr. T will be playing outside with his brothers and I will be able to make dinner.  But for now, I am soaking up this chunk- gosh, I love him to pieces.  Happy 1/2 year baby boy!

dsc_0190 dsc_0196 dsc_0197 dsc_0203 dsc_0210 dsc_0211 img_2891 img_2894


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