This week you turned nine.  Nine years old.  A few weeks ago it really hit me how old nine is- half your childhood.  In nine and a half more years you will be going to college.  Moving out (maybe), voting and getting a tattoo (again, maybe, but this is where my Mama head goes).   My heart can’t take it.  I have enjoyed every single year.  I just can not believe it has been nine years since your large head with the furry ears entered my life.  Nine years.  Wow.

We watched a video of you singing when you were two and a half this week- it made everyone laugh and smile (you were ridiculously cute).  You laugh and smile all the time.  It is usually related to potty talk because, well, you are nine.  This is not always cute, but I know that in nine years  I will miss your run on stories and your elaborate plans for gifts and inventions.

Lets get to the good stuff…  You love being outside, you love reading, you love being with friends and you love eating.  Wilderness school is by far your favorite thing.   You are constantly filthy and the first thing you ask after breakfast everyday is if you can go outside.  It doesn’t matter if it is pouring down rain, 28 degrees or if we have to go somewhere- you want to be outside, in the mud.  You usually have a plan.  Today you were emptying Lake Porcupine (we have been getting a lot of rain lately and the bottom part of our field near the road is flooding, so it warranted a name).  Your brothers were so dirty…  Somehow you get them to do the dirty work.

You love to read adventure and mystery books.  We started Harry Potter in the fall and you were sucked in.  You devour books and I find you up way past nine o’clock some nights just because the book is “just so good Mama.”

Last year for your birthday you asked to watch Star Wars.  So far you have watched the original three with hopes of watching the next one (we have a deal, you stop biting your nails, you get to watch it…  it isn’t going so well for you).  You know so much more about Star Wars than I even knew existed.  One day on a walk you talked about one movie for an hour.  Wow.  It was impressive.  I learned a lot.

You are such a sweet boy.  Your friends parents comment to me about how polite and sweet you are (this is music to my ears).  You still like to snuggle up to me, but you do roll your eyes at me when I tell you I love you, then you say, “I know”  sigh.  Apparently I say it too much for your liking.  You can be kind of a brute to your brothers, in your defense,  you have no idea how strong your are.  But you can also be sweet- you are constantly asking to hold Thacker and entertain him.

Just this week you graduated from swim lessons.  You are now in an endurance class that gets you ready for swim team.  Yeah!!!

We are finding our grove when it comes to schooling.  We are figuring each other out when it comes to teacher and student.  This week we talked about what it was that you wanted to learn and you said Greek Gods and you want to learn how to write your name in every language.  Okay dude.  We can do that.  One of the reasons we homeschool- we can spend our days doing things that matter to you (with a little bit of math sprinkled in there too).

Henry, I never knew what to expect as you got older.  When you have a baby, you never really see them getting to be nine or older, at least I didn’t.  It has been so fun watching you grow.  I only expect that to continue.  You are fun to be around and I just love you so much.   Happy Birthday Kiddo!img_3053 dsc_0659 dsc_0650 dsc_0647 img_3055


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