nine months old


Today you turned nine months old.  Wow.  Wow.  No words, what a blur, what joy.

Yesterday you finally got your legs and arms to cooperate and figured out this whole crawling thing.  You have been mobile for awhile, scooting to where you want to be, but now you have got real power!  This weekend we will be installing baby gates and retraining your older brothers about closing doors and picking up after themselves.

I feel like we have gotten out of the whole “I’ll sleep wherever, whenever” phase of infancy.  You definitely like to be in our room to sleep.  You are a light sleeper, so you prefer no noise and to be held, so that makes things interesting.  I swear Rory knows the moment you just fall asleep and he is in need of a bum wipe or something catastrophic has happened (i.e., screaming, tears, shouting).  It is a gift he has.  Sort of like your gift of falling asleep minutes before we pull into the driveway.

Speaking of brothers, you really love them.  And boy do they love you.  You have got to be one of the most smothered, picked up, bounced around baby boy out there.  Serious love for you fella- I hope this continues when you start breaking their Legos…

Food- you are interested for awhile and then not.  You enjoy banana and avocado and soups.  You like smoothies and I gave you an apple slice awhile back (maybe month 8, sorry I missed that one on the blog, but we celebrated) and you enjoyed slobbing that up pretty well.  You like to pick up things but then just wave them in the air (like you just don’t care...).  Someday they will reach your mouth, I am sure of it.

You speak in a heavy sighing tone.  Everything is heavily forced out with a “Heeeeee.”  It usually involves arm flapping and means we are happy and excited about what is going on around us.  I am trying to teach you Mama.

You know your name and turn when I say it.  You grin a lot- showing off those nice two teeth you got.  You love to pull yourself up to standing and you love (LOVE) to grab neck skin (not yours, your chauffeurs) and give it a good tug and pull.  You have a fondness for your pacifier.   You have perfected the head tilt, “Ahh Baby.”

Sick- you have been sick for nearly two months now.  You got over one cold and were attacked with another.  You have been pretty clingy, grumpy and very very snotty.  I think we are on the mend now, which will be nice.  Happy Thacker is such a delight.

Even when sick you are a pretty easy going guy.  Mostly you get tired, but you fight sleep like none other and only stay asleep for short periods of time.  A napper you are not.  We are getting better stretches at night which your Dada and I are ever so grateful for.   I think I may get 3-4 hours at a time now 🙂  Okay I jinxed it, you just woke up.

Thacker,  I am so thankful and blessed to be your Mama.  These past nine months (18 months really) have just flow by.   I am excited for what is in store, but also a little sad at seeing it go by so quickly- I just don’t want to miss anything.  So for now, we are snuggling, playing on the floor and getting little sleep.  One of these days the house will be clean, I’ll be caught up on laundry and I will get a workout in.  But now, I’d rather be snuggled up to you anytime.  I always tell your Dada, we are never going to look back and wish we held you less.  Love you Bud- take it easy on us okay, with the whole mobility thing… avoid stairs, cords and small Legos, Okay?


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