{this moment}

I am not going to lie, this week was rough.  Betting back into our routine was hard and came with obstacles- like the seven year old child throwing up, or the teething baby, or the not listening three year old, or the overly emotional 9 year old.  Weew- can we get a redo?  Or at least a fresh start next week?  And please, the weekend…  Mama is tired.

These two- you can find them like this multiple times a day…

Modeling new haircuts- thank you Aunt Teresa!

We did have a successfully Easter though- complete with egg hunting with cousins, chocolate bunnies and a spectacular cake made by Grandma.

Our boy- he slept in this shelter with his peers last night- second time this year at Wilderness school.  When did my boy get so big that he can sleep out under a shelter of ferns?  I love watching him at Wilderness school- it is his element.   He was in no fewer than 3 skits this time during the entertainment portion of the overnight and he was just so silly.

Two weeks ago he came in our room late at night to tell us that he didn’t want to do Wilderness school anymore because it was too fun and he had too much to think about and he couldn’t fall asleep.  He was upset because he was worried he wouldn’t get enough sleep.  I asked him if he wanted to tell us about his day and he said yes (I had asked earlier, like when he got home, but I did not get a very thorough answer…).  He proceeded to talk for over 30 minutes about every detail of his day- he was shaking with excitement.  It is a joy to be able to provide this outlet for him.


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