ten months


Last weekend you turned ten months old.  Holy cow!  We cruise around pretty well and within days of picking up the hang of crawling we pull ourselves up onto everything.  I mean everything.  You scare yourself when you topple over before Mama can reach you, but if you just stayed seated for a minute and played, you wouldn’t fall over- okay?  That being said, you are getting pretty sturdy.  More than one person has told me they think you will be walking soon.  Really?  Soon?  Yikes, I don’t know if I am ready for you to be THAT grown up yet.

Just this month you decided that food was okay.  We spent a few days at the coast and that was when you decided you did want food and you enjoy it now.  You love avocado, curry (I know!), raspberries, banana, smoothies and toast.  You are not a huge fan of meat, but that is pretty similar to your brothers.  You really like eggs.

You just got your third tooth and you are working on your upper two teeth now- your grin will forever be changed once those top teeth come in.  I need more pictures of the lower teeth only grin.

Sideburns- yours are awesome.  That is all.

Sleep- well, you haven’t been sick in a few weeks (knock on wood) and so you sleep a little better, a few naps a day.  You do still wake up after being put down at night but you are now Dada’s responsibility until around 1 AM.  You guys get some nice chair snuggles.

You are a fan of your schedule, which, even though you don’t really have one, you do.  We went to Henry’s wilderness school potluck last week and we were coming home when you were ready for bed.  My goodness, I have never heard you scream like that ever.  You were pissed (I can’t even think of a better word, you were so mad you were choking on your own spit).  That drive doesn’t seem that far normally, but when you were in the back I thought we would never get home.

You love being outside.  You love being in the bath.  You love your brothers.  You blow raspberries, knock over towers of blocks and Legos and thoroughly charm us daily.  Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about having you around.  We love you so much and I am forever grateful that Dada agreed that one more was a good idea 😉  Happy 10 months baby boy.


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