{this moment}

Sir four year old had been requesting a bike ride on a trail for a while.  He wanted to ride the “trailer” bike but once he tried it out decided it wasn’t for him.  So… 3 boys and a Dada went off down the trail (baby’s first bike ride!) while Mama spent time with Rory running along side, stopping every few feet for breaks and heron sightings and snacks.  It was pretty fun, even if we didn’t go very far.  The matching shirts were coincidence 🙂

Henry had his end of year testing this week.  He was pretty nervous when I dropped him off but seemed in good spirits afterward.  But he was wiped for the rest of the afternoon.

We spent a day at another museum this week, Fort Nisqually Living History Museum.  It was quite a trek down to Tacoma, but totally worth it.  The boys had a fun time, won a marble each and we learned a lot (at least I did).

I am hesitant to say we have had our last day of school.  Although we plan on doing math and reading all summer, our other subjects are on hold and we have been taking a slower pace, enjoying field trips and down time.  I am very much enjoying it (I think the boys are too).  And, how is this even possible, but we will have a one year old next week.  Wow.  Time….


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