My dear baby boy,

Thacker, you turned one last week.  You were a bit under the weather which made Mama feel even worse for having to go to work, luckily you were in good hands.  (Funny note, 3 of the 4 boys had their first birthdays on a Friday…).  Let’s start with how wonderful you are.  Everyday I get to snuggle you, and kiss you and be your Mama.  I am forever grateful I was able to talk your Dada in to one more 🙂  You are the perfect fit to our family.

To say I have enjoyed every minute of your first year would be an understatement.  Honestly, it is so freeing not being a first time parent.  I am able to not let things worry me or bug me.  You are not on a routine (you have 3 other brothers with activities, sorry), you are a terrible napper, but you are a trooper.  No baby of mine has ever been drug around more than you have.

You are pretty easy going, until you aren’t.  You want to be held pretty much all the time, but when you are held you push away a lot.  You still really do not enjoy diaper changes but are growing to like eating.  You LOVE baths.  You adore your birthday water table and being outside.  You cry when you are brought inside.  You pound on the back door when you want to be outside.  You try to escape to get outside.  Did I mention you like to be outside?  You have probably eaten a few leaves and bark pieces, but you seem okay.  You love the swing and took your first slide ride today- you thought that was pretty fun too.

You dislike bananas, unless they are in a smoothie.  You like to eat avocado, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pears and chickpeas.  You also could eat more scrambled eggs then a couple of your older brothers.

You have 5 1/2 teeth and are a crusing champ.  You have let go and stood by yourself for a second before you realized and then did the very slow, controlled squat down to the floor.  Your brothers love to hold your hands and walk you around the house.   It took you all of one visit to Alaska to master the stairs.  We have to be very, very careful to make sure the gate is closed or door to the bonus room is shut.  You find that escape path quite easily.

Your brothers adore you.  Henry is constant asking to hold you and he loves to carry you around on his shoulders.  Bennett turns himself into a ferry boat and slides you around the house on  his belly.   Rory tackles you daily.  We are working on that one.  You are one lucky guy- to have these brothers of yours.  So very lucky indeed.

I can not NOT mention your sideburns.  They are awesome.  A lot of people comment on them.  I will not cut them.

This has been the fastest year of my life, I knew it would be a blink, but I really wasn’t prepared.  I have done nothing productive, minus, of course, keeping you and your brothers fed, moderately clean and to activities “on time.”  But I have not really cared.  Holding you, hearing you giggle, nursing you, waking up next to you- these are the things I will never forget and always cherish from this year.  I can not wait to see what sort of ragamuffin you become.  We have a house full of chaos, dirt and love and it is all the sweeter with you rounding out the crew.  You turning one is bittersweet- we are moving on from the infant chapter of our lives to toddlerhood and boyhood.  I promise to continue to enjoy every second.  Thank you for reminding us to do that, because it is the most important thing- being present, with you and your brothers.  Enjoying the little things- like watching your face light up when you are swinging, or watching your eyes roll back when you are drifting off to sleep.  I am not taking any of it for granted- you babies have a way to truly show off what makes life grand.

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet, sweet boy!




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