fort townsend 2017

or maybe should be titled THE BEST CAMPING TRIP OF ALL TIME, which is what the boys called it.  We did have a good time.  We collapsed, exhausted every night under William’s cozy cover.

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  We left last weekend (I mean 2 weekends ago) and drove around to the Olympic Peninsula (due to the fact that campers on the ferry = pricey).   We arrived and quickly made up camp before we headed down to the beach.  The beach had been restored since we were last there two years ago, and boy was it cool.  Easier access and more sand!  Two boys got into the water (while another one said he wouldn’t and then just had wet shorts, and another one napped on Mama) and then said wet children froze on the walk back up to camp (we had only brought down one towel, silly parents).  We saw two herons, a bald eagle and lots of beach treasures to take home with us.  We cooked up dinner, roasted marshmallows and headed to bed.

The next morning we took advantage of the trail system at our campground.  We got a bit lost trying to find the Huckleberry Hill trail, which we never did find, but we did find a torpedo x-ray tower so not all was lost.  After we found our camper again, we headed into town (Port Townsend) to meet up with our cousins and for a trip to one of our favorite book stores.  When we got back to camp, the older three boys and Dada headed down to the beach again while Mama snuggled a tired and sleepy baby.  We managed to exhaust Rory beyond what was necessary.  Poor Rory had some sore legs and a fiercely tired body that night- most other campers at the campground might have known about it too.

On the fourth we headed to Fort Worden State Park for some play time at the beach.  It was perfect weather- we played in the sunshine, visited the Marine Science Center, dipped ourselves into the Salish Sea and headed back to town for well deserved ice cream.  Our afternoon was spent relaxing around the campsite and riding bikes.  We had the most delicious dinner (why had we not thought to have sloppy joe’s on top of mashed potatoes before?  Game changer…) before crashing early.  Henry stated at 7:15 PM that he was going to get ready for bed.  He has never done that before, Dada and I were pretty surprised, but really, we weren’t far behind him.  We planned on heading to the beach for fireworks with the older two, but we were all asleep before the show began, even Mama and Dada.

Next morning, while Henry and Dada closed up shop at the campsite, the rest of us went down to the beach for some exploring.  A low tide made it fun to find fish and crabs (and a car tire, which was sooo cool).  On the way home we met up with one of Mama’s work friends and her husband and the boys got to play at a playground and buy nickel candy (which, is not, in fact, a nickel…).  A little bit a traffic later and we were home.  Exhausted, dirty and happy.

We may not be able to take our boys on fancy trips across oceans or countries, but I do hope that they have fond memories of these trips.  It really is simple things that make them so happy- roasting marshmallows, running down a trail in the forest, finding shells and rocks at the beach.  Our house is littered with treasures from our trips and I couldn’t think of anything better to make our home ours.  Our nature loving boys make everything a blast.  Every trip we plan something else to do with them, another place to visit, another trip to add to the calendar.  Somehow, while out with these fellas, you forget the gigantic bag of dirty laundry, the sand in your sleeping bag and your unwashed hair.  Because, it doesn’t matter.  Your baby will crawl around the pine needles and throw pinecones- and be happy.  Your preschooler will walk further than he ever has before and collapse asleep with marshmallow stuck to his cheek (and his fingers, and elbows and shoulders…).  Your seven year old will just want to go to the beach one more time (always one more time).  And your nine year old will be ready to tow the camper and set up camp on his own by the time he is ten.  We may look like feral animals when we return home, but boy, we have fun.



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