13 Months


Last weekend you turned 13 months old!  We celebrated in the woods, camping with Bapa (more on that later)- you probably ate some pine needles…  You are so close to walking- just this week you started standing on your own more, even while on an incline.  You were quite proud of yourself.

Some of your favorite things:

  • Berries- you do this funny thing where you quickly stuff them in your mouth and give us a little smirk.  So cute.  Only sometimes you get too many berries in your mouth at once, then, no so cute, kind of scary.  But the smirk I tell ya.
  • Pushing Chairs/Carts/Boxes- really anything.  You do not like it when you get stopped by any objects (i.e., other furniture, walls, etc.)
  • Mama- you could be held and pinch the back of my arms all day.
  • Your pacifier- it is incredible how you can find that thing.
  • Pointing- you point at everything and make this “huh” sound.  You like to point out airplanes, balloons and your brothers.  Also a clock at the swim pool (or at least I think that it what you are pointing out, it is in a weird spot).
  • Books- you enjoy to sit down and pull them off the shelf or out of your box.  The way you sit on your knees to do it just kills me with cuteness.
  • Toast- with avocado or butter, you are not picky.
  • Being Outside- preferably in water.  While camping we were near a lake and you just sat on the shore and threw the rocks you could reach back into the water (taking a taste first, of course).  We had to pull your blue legs out of the water to warm up and it made you quite mad.

Some of your not so favorite things:

  • Car Rides- we are in the car a lot, so sometimes this is not so great.
  • Yogurt- seriously, can’t get you to eat it.
  • Napping- I joke, but you really don’t nap more than 17 minutes at a time.
  • Being taken out of water (see above and bath time- you love to splash).
  • Diaper changes- Ugh, just ugh.

Some of my favorite things:

  • Your goofy smirk
  • Sideburns and the starting of curls in the back!!!
  • The way you cross your legs when you are eating, so cute.
  • Your laugh- you can not help but smile with you.
  • How you easily pass out in my arms wherever we are (when you are so tired and it only lasts 17 minutes, but still!)  You are really cute napping at the beach.
  • Your speckly foot and how I get to see it every day now that the weather is nice- just a little something that is just you.

Thacker Pederson, I have said it before, but man I love you.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be your Mama- the Mama to your brothers.  What a good gig I have going on!  Happy 13 months baby boy!


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