north cascades national park

We spent two weekends ago camping in the North Cascades.  We brought a Bapa along, so he could get a taste of our wilderness shenanigans.  I am pretty sure he would join us again, we are pretty fun.

After our traditional pit stop when we head on northern adventures we braved the North Cascades Highway until we made it to our campground.  We have yet to find the perfect campsite to set up William at (something flat, so we can have our awning out and amble room around the campfire- we aren’t being too picky).  I was able to quickly cross off seeing Diablo Lake in person (it has been on my list for awhile now) and the boys were quick to decide that the lake was just a little bit too cold to jump in.

After leftovers heated on the campfire and smores we headed to bed to rest up for our next days adventures.  We hiked to the top of a mountain!  Well, I think technically it was a knob, but to the boys (and the adults), it was a mountain!  We made it to the top!  We only had to carry two kids!  And water bottles!  And trail snacks!  And sunscreen!  In other words, it was awesome and perfect.

We spent the rest of the trip recovering- getting Junior Ranger badges, ice cream and water logged at the lake.

The boys spent every evening and morning fishing with Bapa.  They didn’t catch anything, but we were always prepared to have trout as a meal.  It was pretty much a unanimous decision that we need a canoe and that we live in one amazing part of the world where we are so close to so much beauty.

Another adventure crossed off our summer bucket list, another place to add to our “we must return here” and another weekend well spent.  Thanks Bapa for joining us and thank you Grandma for holding down the fort at home with the other ladies!


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