forty, 4 1/2, seventeen months & thankful

Chris turned forty last week.  He has been kind of dreading it- in a “how am I forty?” kind of way.  Mamie, Bapa and Uncle Matt came down to visit and celebrate with us.  We had a fun few days with boys entertaining us all.  We celebrated with family on his actual birthday and then a party the day after.  I don’t think I could ever adequately express how thankful I am for him in my life.  He is my favorite person, he helped create the most amazing little people and he can make me laugh like no one else.  I (we) love him to bits.  Happy Birthday Baby!

On Thanksgiving we had a four and a half year birthday and Thacker turned seventeen months.  Weew.  To think that Rory is now closer to five than four is a bit hard for my brain to wrap around.  Five has always seemed like such a jump- four, you are still a toddler, but five… you are a kid.  Ugh.  They keep growing, why don’t they slow down?  Rory, you still continue to make me laugh everyday, while at the same time make me want to rip out my hair.  You are a boy who knows what he wants, and does not have the time or the patience to put up with interruptions to that plan.  I feel like we will be having the same argument about dinner for awhile.  Why would you eat dinner when you want to save room for dessert?  Duh, Mama, that is a silly one…  AND if we don’t have dessert, well, that is unacceptable.  Your imagination has really taken off and I enjoy watching you play.  You can turn anything into a game.  Today, I feel like I hardly saw you, you were in your own world playing.  No one bothered you, you just played and occasionally stopped by the kitchen for a drink of water and bite of dutch baby.  I love reading books with you, snuggling with you at night and listening to your stories.  Kiddo- we may not always see eye to eye, but I adore you.

Mr. Seventeen Months has been on a little napping strike lately.  Things improved drastically today, but man oh man, we have had a cranky kid around (apparently only when I am around, he was a delight with his grandparents yesterday, go figure).  Thacker now climbs onto anything and everything, shakes his head for “no”, throws his fork when he is frustrated, loves to read books (especially two specific books about the human body, he will search for them and find them in a stack) and will drop everything for a game of chase.  His two oldest brothers are the sweetest and that third brother is still figuring out his strength and what to do when we are frustrated.  It doesn’t mean that we will not play with that brother, things just don’t usually last very long…  This kids cuteness wins us over daily and I am soaking every last drop of it up.

(I love this photo, Rory telling stories to Great Bapa.)

For Thanksgiving we had a small family gathering, which was perfect.  We cooked up some yummy food (if I do say so myself…) and ran around like banshees (kids, not grown ups).  It was a great day, although it is safe to say I do not want to wash another dish for awhile (you know, until tomorrow, post breakfast).  It may be a bit cliché but man I am thankful for what I have.  A wonderful husband who cares and provides for us, an opportunity to learn alongside my boys and to be surrounded by an amazing community of people that I am lucky enough to call my friends.  This life is definitely not what I pictured things would be when I was a teenager, and that is really okay, because the things I thought I wanted back then are so insignificant.  I want to remember every little thing (if I could only remember what ridiculous thing Rory said at breakfast this morning, something he only does on Saturdays..) and not take anything for granted.  This life is quick-  I have an almost ten year old 10!  I just can’t even.  I want to remember how exhausted and draining it can be at the end of the day.  I want to remember watching my two oldest melt into books and asking for us to read one more chapter of Harry Potter.  I want to remember one year olds throwing forks ( I am almost certain he will not continue this habit) and pushing his body between my legs and the cabinet when I am trying to make dinner.  For all these things, and so much more, I can not be more grateful.  Thank you Chris, for making this life with me.  Things might not always be easy, but they are so, so good.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


{this moment}

It has been about a month since we have updated, technical difficulties, but here you go.  This has been what has been keeping us busy!

We have a climber!!:: Storm Excitement:: First Y Swim Meet:: Thursday’s with Rory:: Leaves:: Snow:: Quiet time with 4 year olds:: Halloween:: Wand Making:: New Haircuts:: Cast Off!!:: Pumpkin Carving




With our blast of cold weather we had this last weekend it reminded me that I never posted our Leavenworth pictures.  So… way back in January (ahem), we spent 10 lovely days in the Cascades.  We played in the snow, made snow maple candy, drank cocoa, went cross-country skiing, went sledding, ate Bavarian sausages in the freezing cold, laughed at ridiculously silly t-shirts, played a lot of games and had a great time!  Gosh, one of these kiddos looks a little older now…

Oh and so much more… there was the collision of sled vs. Henry vs. Bapa’s back which resulted in a concussion and a scar on the bridge of Henry’s nose, the freezing sleigh ride (seriously, never been so cold ever), the awards ceremony that Henry put together for fastest sled racer, the dead van battery that needed to be jumped, the baby snuggles (that we all miss dearly now that that baby is much bigger and doesn’t just fall asleep on anyone and anywhere anymore…) and the death defying sledding on the ski hill.  We had so much fun!

sixteen months


You turned 16 months this last week.  You are ridiculously cute.  All last weekend your Dada and I couldn’t stop watching you and laughing and just taking photos of you- seriously, this age is dangerous!  So much cuteness in one person.

If I had to use just a few words to describe this last month it would be: cuteness, belly button, kisses, hugs, growling and books.

Your finger is constantly in your belly button.  It has gotten to the point that I have to put you in a onesie because your poor button is all red.  Yes, it is there, stop poking it!  But, alas, it is cute, so I guess you may continue.

You give open mouth kisses, which are the best.  You give hugs now too.  And when you don’t feel like giving kisses, you just move your cheek over so that you can receive kisses.

You growl when you see a tiger, or a lion, or a dog.  You thump your chest when we read a book with a gorilla in it.  You want to read all the books all the time.  If you do not receive a lap to sit in to read a book in the timeframe you deem appropriate, you throw books at people.

You went from just walking to now running and chasing.  It is very funny.  You still walk by picking up your legs so high and place them down again.  Again, so cute.  I am sad you no longer walk with your hands in the air.  Now you walk with them behind you like you are speed racing.

You have become quite independent, but only when you want to be.  The majority of the time you still want to be held.  Especially when I am in the kitchen trying to feed all the hungry bears in the family.  You also prefer to be outside- all the time!  We have had to deadbolt the door to the garage because you can escape when you please.  Not okay.

Kiddo, you are the one person everyone wants to be with.  Your brothers fight over who gets hold you, feed you, get you when you wake up or chase you.  You are a very lucky kiddo, even if you are constantly tackled and grabbed.  I’d still say you are lucky.

We love you more than anything Mr. T.  Keep on delighting us daily.

{this moment}

Last weekend we headed to the pumpkin patch with good friends.  We had a successful visit- came home with four pumpkins and some muddy shoes.

And the rest of the week, let me just say, one year olds are exhausting.  If they are not pulling out every single item from drawers, shelves, containers, etc., then they are shoving themselves between your legs, begging to be picked up, not sleeping or throwing food on the ground.  That being said, they are ridiculously cute and you forgive them instantly, but… so… tired.

{this moment}

A relatively quiet week around (there are four children in this house, so quiet is relative).  Bennett returned from camping with a sniffly nose and was not up for venturing to co-op on Monday.  By the end of the week, every child has had some version of this runny nose.  We had the best week of school yet (most productive, least resistance)!  We made erupting apples, leaf paintbrushes and wool felted Mercury and Venus for our Solar System study.  Even one handed, Bennett was able to be knife certified at Wilderness School and Rory spent his day without older brothers riding bikes and making watercolor fish (and cocoa, always cocoa).  It was a good, long, exhausting, productive week.